April 26, 2012

All about L

A bit on the clumsy side (notice all the bruises on her legs. makes this photo even more awesome.) She often trips over absolutely nothing.
Loves all things art related.
Sings all day. Puts her conversations to song.
Everyone is her friend. Gets very attached to the neighbor kids.
Says hi to everyone (strangers) at the store.
Playing outside.
Really good at puzzles.
Cries easily.
Adventurous eater. (my favorite quality).
Remembers everything
Has helped us find plenty of things we are "missing". She always knows where they are.
An avid collector of anything.
Loves her bed and blankets and snuggling.
Likes picking flowers.
Changes clothes multiple times a day.
Prefers skirts and dresses when not wearing leggings (won't have much to do with jeans).
Wants to wear makeup.
Really likes to have treats.
Is starting to like having her picture taken (at least, I think so).
Gets a little nervous in new places, situations.
Likes having her hair done.
And staring at herself in the mirror. Or singing in the mirror. or dancing in front of the mirror.
She's also really loud.
And doesn't like to wear socks.

white shirt, Crewcuts, from a while ago
skirt, Target, $5