April 15, 2012

The good report

Got some irritating health news this week. Frustrated and tired. Lots of "we can't be sure exactly".
Uh yeah, I know. Super bummed by NEW side effect of my meds. ugh.

1. It's been four months since I've seen these guys. So happy to reunite this week. And we have a new member. So many life changes for everyone. It's exciting.
2. Migraine free for 25 days. I can definitely be thrilled about that.
3. Started three medications in the hospital. Now, I'm down to only 0NE. Thrilled about that too. (hoping to stay that way)
4 Getting a Sunday nap while Jeff takes the girls for a walk.
5. Late night chat with Alisha.
6. Some extremely sweet family time. Needed it.
7. Jeff making me laugh so hard I cry. It's been way too long.
8. Skype rules!
9. I'm 26 weeks.
10. Maternity photos coming up this Saturday. What am I going to wear?

I like to mix it up for Jeff's morning breakfast. So we (Jeffy helped make them. I love when he gets in the kitchen with me) tried these eggs in a basket. The potatoes took way longer to cook than recommended. Amost a full hour. And my eggs leaked through the potato so they didn't look like hers. I'm not sure it's possble to get the hashbrowns so condensed that they don't leak. But I thought they tasted great. It's all the breakfast faves in one big "muffin". I used bacon and sausage instead of procuitto because that's what I had.