April 22, 2012

The Good Report

1. Being forced to deal with all the stuff I said I would deal with later because company is coming.
2. Friends of M.S. picking up your crap for you.
3. I really love a clean space.
4. Might be able to take on a sewing project now.
5. Learning lots from Jeff. Trying to be more like him in parenting. (sometimes I think he should stay home).
6. My frustrations (house repairs, cleanups, parenting) are equal to the good stuff (some house things are getting done, and this was a good week between the girls and I).
7. I didn't have a single dr. appointment this week. Yay!
8. Checking off part of the annoying list. Call this person, make this appointment, cancel that one, check in with her, pay a bill. Now, I have less annoying stuff to do. I swear I'm still catching up from being so sick. Life takes maintenance you know?
9. September = Costco arrives in town. Wooo!
10. Got myself some maternity photos. And some of the girls too (most excited about those).
11. Jeffy is having the time of of his life with his brother-in-law and nephews. Dudes need dude time, don't you think? They chose Moab.
12. This article is doing the most for me right now. I need.
13. Sitting outside typing my good report while the girls play with the neighbor kids. I heart the laptop.
14. Ever since Boston, I've wanted to recreate one of the most beautiful salads I've ever eaten. Now, I know the technique.