April 28, 2012

The good report

1. We all napped (3 hours) the Monday afternoon following in-law visit. Little girls and pregnant ladies should not stay up until midnight.
2. ooo, we've had some warmmmmmmmm!
3. The girls' new swimsuits arrived. L thinks she is hot stuff getting a two piece and I think I'm hot stuff encouraging modesty. They are even cuter in person.
4. There is going to be a wedding (nephew). Yay! A week after baby is due. Booooooooo.
5. Got our carpets cleaned for the first time ever. I couldn't stomach the thought of having a newborn baby crawl around.
6. And Zerorez even got the sharpie, oil stains, nail polish right out.
7. Tons of outside time in the neighborhood. This is prime time for us (not so hot I want to kill myself).
8. Another f8 meet up
9. L and cousin got along great for an entire day. So happy because their relationship can be rocky.
10. A great day at the zoo. No significant tantrums and gorgeous weather.
11. I left the camera in the car. On purpose.
12. The sewing room is still clean. Must. finish. projects.
13. Jeffy putting both girls to bed one night. Thank you! We usually take one each.
14. My copy of conference Ensign just arrived. For some reason I haven't been able to get into watching or reading online. Something about the paper copy for me, I guess.

This beauty.
Mother's Day gift to myself???? Is that legal? I'll wear it every Sunday for the rest of my life the summer. P.S. It was cheaper a few days ago. And much cheaper than the JCrew version I've been drooling over for years.

I'm itchin' for a fire (in the fire pit. not arson) and some neighbor socializing. Who's in?


Why haven't I bought this or this yet?

I think L would flip over these red boots. Who am I kidding? Me too! Seriously considering it for Aunt G's backyard bash.

OK, locals, do tell.....because this is the first I have ever heard of the hot pots. Must go.