April 06, 2012

Here's the report

The seasons change and all I want to do is purge, rearrange, add a little something here and there, hang something on the walls. I still think we need more photographs hanging. I'll work on that. I think one of the best things about blogs is they teach you what matters to you (by seeing what doesn't matter to you). The deep things in life and the superficial...like your taste in decor. Or maybe I'm just getting older and happen to know what I like.

I know I want less stuff. That I want to whittle down to my very favorite items. I want less stuff to put away and clean up. I know I can't stand overly styled, magaziney, decorator homes. Too impersonal. Too match, matchy.

I know you should like exactly what you like.

And I know I ate too many peppermint patties today.

1. Ran into Carolee at the mall. So excited for group meeting next week.
2. Soup that simmers all day. Dinner was ready at lunch time, but who cares! Just keep simmering.
3. A Lazy day after completely overdoing it.
4. I'm feeling great, but have to remember I can't do as much while pregnant. I pay the price.
5. Kind of know what I need to do to feel happier.
6. I hope there are results.