April 10, 2012

It was good

Today we tried tornadoes in a jar. I thought it was cooler than the girls did. It might be more interesting to older kids. But it's about as easy as it gets. And we also made some homemade playdough. I really like this recipe. So soft. I started to get a little nervous because some other recipes I've tried are almost insant play dough, but this took a little more time. Maybe that's why it's so much softer(way better). It's my new go-to for homemade playdough. Then we played outside until dinner time. Swimsuits and everything. Our neighbors directly across from us are known as "grandma and grandpa". That's what all the kids call them and they are so nice. Yesterday we discovered some oranges in our garage. Straight from AZ. Courtesy of "grandma and grandpa". I loooove that she drops off produce. It wasn't the first time she's given us oranges. Last year, she gave us some of the best potatoes I've ever eaten. Potatoes! Who knew they could have such good flavor. Anyhoo, they also pass out candy to L and M. It reminds me of my very own "grandma and grandpa" that lived on our street in Kansas. I always knocked on their door to get candy too. Wish I could remember their real names. (Siblings, please help). Anyhoo, grandma and grandpa were outside starting to plant their garden and were teaching L and M and some other kids about strawberries and promised to let them pick/eat when they are ripe. And she will too. I followed up during dinner with the "we never pick from other people's garden's unless they invite us to" lecture. And also "we don't pick green strawberries" lecture because I could already see where it was headed. L racing to the side of their house every time we go outside, checking for strawberries and plucking the tiniest greenest fruit visible to the eye. In summary, it was lovely. I so appreciate when people are nice to my kids. Not that people aren't nice, but you know what I mean? I just melt.