May 24, 2012

All About M

She's always up for adventure and fun, and walks
climber, jumper, runner, somersaulter, scooter rider.
could live off a of cold cereal, cheese, and bread.
Picks on, teases, and beats up L.
Laughs easily and often. Her laugh is so awesome.
Is easily pleased and entertained throughout the day
But when she's mad you'll know it. watch out. her tantrums are fierce.
Comforts L often when she is sad (which is also often)
Insists on dressing herself.
Copies what L likes, but I'm not convinced it's what she really likes.
Outside play is her fave.
Has recently taken a liking to milk served in a sippy cup.
Knows exactly what she wants.
She likes to wear socks and shoes even in the house.

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400