May 06, 2012

The good report

1. That Jeff, he breaks the ice of my motherhood tension, often. I pretty much need him. He's better than I am.
2. And he listens to me sob at three o'clock in the morning about all the things keeping me up at night. Important things.
3. Jeff fixed a bunch of things around the house. Three broken doors, unclogged the drain in the girls bathroom, repaired the window screen the girls pushed out, a baseboard that had pulled away from the cupboards. So happy!
4. I've taken a liking to wearing my hair curly. But can't get repeatable results.
5. Finally got around to getting some family pictures printed. They'll be hung similar to this. But where? Haven't quite decided since our space is in need of large art. I'll share when I get them up.
6. L's allergies have slightly improved. I feel so sad for her. She got it bad this year. They were raging earlier in the week. Including hives, swollen eye, then pink eye. At least she's not all swollen anymore.
7. Found a pretty top to wear on Mother's Day. And will also look super cute with skinny jeans. Dress up or fave.
8. The girls were amazing on the above shopping trip.
9. Finally made it to a Rooftop concert. The most beautiful night. Felt so much like summer. It was F-R-E-E peeps. I'm now a fan of Ryan Innes. He was way better than Peter Breinholt (I've never really been able to get into his music).
10. Even Jeffy enjoyed it. (He tends to get a little skittish when things get too UT County).
11. L danced and made friends with all the college kids around us. Typical. Then gave us a flip out tantrum when we put her to bed that night. Also, typical due to the late night exhaustion. (And those are the moments I ask myself why we try to do anything outside of schedule. Ever.)
12. But then she slept in until 9:15 the following morning. THAT is the reward.
13. 8 pack of those little wedding bubbles from the dollar store. Man, I gotta stock up on those. They are awesome.
14. Hair color. Life is just better when its freshy fresh.
15. My film was ready for pickup (down the street) after hair appointment.

I think I need to get my ears re-peirced since I haven't worn earrings in a year + (nickel allergy).

I feel like I have entered the waddling stage of pregnancy.

I want to be spoiled on Mother's Day. It's the truth. And wear something really pretty to church. And set a pretty table. And eat doughnuts.

Nate Berkus for Target. Um, yes, please. This could be real good. Looking forward to October 21st