May 12, 2012

The good report

1. 3 pints of strawberries from a neighbor. Gone in less than a week.
2. Grilling with the neighbors. Great food!
3. Hopped on the back of Jeff's motorcycle for the first time in a really long time. And we went and saw the Avengers. Awesome.
4. Grateful a ward member is arranging a weekly park day. I don't have the energy to organize, but we are happy to show up and socialize.
5. Jeffy fixed the bottom drawer of my nightstand. That guy! He fixes everything and I LOVE IT.
6. He also fixed a dryer problem this week. (I prefer the role of damsel when it comes to household maintenance).

A couple of weeks ago Stephmodo asked me if I wanted to do a house tour (aw, shucks). I'm on the fence about it. Have you seen the house tours on her blog? Are you kidding me! Wowza. I'm afraid our place is totally LAME (in comparison). Though I do have a few photo skills to swing our place in a favorable light. I don't know. Then there is my laziness (having to photograph it all). Or the bigger issue of strangers evaluating my life/home. Ew.

Speaking of strangers evaluating.....Never saw this shout out until I stumbled upon it this week. Weird, but cool. But weird.

Beautiful blog alert. This post has quilt color inspiration written all over it.

It's Mother's Day peeps. All my dreams will come true if I get a nap.