May 20, 2012

The good report

1. My heart is softening about some motherhood stuff. (Read and read again. And then I'll read again. Until I am changed. Some talks are life changing, you know.)
2. Got some of these printed. Mmmm, my print lab gave me some beauties.
3. And Jeffy got started hanging them around the house.
4. He also did all the grocery shopping this week. (I need a lot of help)
5. Went out with the family and photographed a giant bush of yellow blooms (roses maybe?) today. That was on my "I really should drive over there and photograph that" list. Because I always gawk when I drive by them. Mmmm, so pretty.
6. I was moved by lots of the music at church today. So nice.

                               That L, she's my go to beauty. (M was passed out in her carseat).