June 03, 2012

The good report

1. A great evening at my sister's over Memorial weekend. Good food. And the girls ran so free getting good and dirty.  (Doesn't Monday seem like a year ago, but it was this week). 
2. The first of my sister's garden bounty. Snap peas and lettuce. Yes, yes I will take some home with me.
3. More flowers (photographs) catching my eye. Oh man, UT is pretty right now. It's so green.
4. I believe I can change. That's major. There is a difference going on. One major flaw improving, One more to go.
5. Treatment from the dermatologist (decided to get a second opinion) has worked wonders for L's allergy nightmare.
6.  A really, really good watermelon.
7. Survived a weekend watching my sister's kids.  (They were fine.  It's me....I've been coughing and hacking away and generally feeling drained and uncomfortable).  And the girls had the time of their lives running free. 
8.  Jeffy is home from PA in two hours!  I'm off to the airport.