June 10, 2012

The good report

1.  Jeff is home again and taking care of me as usual.  I need.
2.  A few days this week that were cooler temps.  Super nice for big pregnant ladies.
3.  Been on the prowl for a stripe dress.  And just scored a $10 one (though it fits me like a tunic) at Forever 21.  It's real cute.  Also, purchased their $10 skinny jeans and cut off into summer shorts because I refuse to buy maternity shorts with only 6 weeks left.  Just refuse. 
4.  Got in touch with an illustrator who is going to do something for us.  Cool. 
5.  When Jeff is blown away by a photograph I take.  That's one of my favorite things in the whole world. 
6.  Having lots of long conversations with Jeff after the girls go to bed.  Love him.  His PA trip was super meaningful.  Love that. 
7.  When Jeff takes the girls with him to run errands and the house is quiet and I can clean, organize, sleep, or cruise Pinterest all I want. 
8.  Orem's Summerfest.  Totally windblown and cold at the parade, but I will never ever get over drumlines and the American flag. 
9.  Carnival food.  For example:  Hot, homemade cake doughnuts that were so right. 
10.  Fireworks were awesome.   (I will be in a late night coma all day). 

I like the dark of this poster.   Has me thinking about some ideas since I'm trying to add other types of art in the mix of all the photography going up in our room.  (Inspiration here)

And speaking of dark, I'm diggin' these black pencils for my nightstand.  Yep, I'm most definitely styling my nightstand.  It needs to be good and pretty.  I just love a nice sharp pencil.  Well, office/school supplies in general.  Now, if I could get the girls to leave my nice sharp pencils and new notepads alone. 

I adore this post about blogging.  Pretty much YEP on all counts.

Feeling a little sad about missing some big family moments this summer due to pregnancy.  Really wishing I was one of those ladies that felt awesome.  Booooooo.