June 17, 2012

The good report

1.  Sleeping with our doors open.
2.  Hanging with the neighbors while the kids play.
3.  Bringing potluck to weekly park day.  Best idea ever.  I love food.
4.  And UT summer's are always perfect in the shade.  I love the shade.
5.  L's flawless skin has returned. 
6.  Two hours at the fabric store browsing dress patterns.  It was awesome having time to myself imagining projects, instead of running errands. 
7.  Jeff encouraging me to enjoy my personal time.  That guy!
8.  The best sunscreen for the girls' skin.  It's my fave.  No strong odor, not greasy.  Just love all around.  Gentle, gentle, gentle.  Expensive, but worth every penny.  I use it on their whole body.
9.  More produce from Em's garden.  And fresh eggs. 
10.  Jeffy is my hero.  Seriously.  He takes care of me.
11.  Jeff's sister and nephew visit.  L is completely into her Aunt Missy.  I'm completely into how lovely she is to the girls.  My heart melts.
12.  Jeff insisted I take a nap.  Meanwhile, he and Missy cleaned the house.  No words.