June 24, 2012

The good report

1.  L slept in until 11AM Monday.  I think she was a little tired from the weekend.
2.  I like slow mornings.
3.  The girls were exceptional during a way too long wait at the doctor.  Followed by massive grocery trip.  Really, I can't believe how good they were.  I think it was more painful for me and my tapped energy. 
4.  Jeff is the new cub master.  The girls had a blast (on the most beautiful night ever) cruising the church parking lot and playing in the grass during the bike rodeo.
5.  Swimming at the local pool.  Our first of the season.  I love to see the girls so happy and having fun.  (but they are way to cocky about water for my liking)
6.  Blogging in bed is the best.