July 01, 2012

The good report

1.  My back didn't hurt sitting in church. 
2.  Having teenage nephew around makes me feel not so old.
3.  Not having to clean the sewing/guest room for Trevor and Amy because it was already clean from our last company. 
4.  Air conditioning.  My very best friend. 
5.  Went to local quilt show with my sister.  I can definitely appreciate the craft. 
6.   I love my BR rewards because I get to do things like replace three pairs of M's worn our jammies.  For FREE.
7. Bria cleaning my house for Johnston' arrival because I want to die at the thought of it all.  And I have no energy.  (Have I mentioned I have no energy?)
8.  Getting the girls to bed before 8PM a few nights.  (Preparing for late nights this next week). 
9.  Brisket and ribs dropped off by a neighbor.  He smokes.  Divine!
10.  Discovered GIANT red popsicle stains on two of my quilts.  Grrrr.   But they disappeared in the wash.  So happy about that. 
11.  A beautiful day at park & lunch with VTs this week.  I love those guys.  And their older kids entertain my little kids the whole time.  Sweetness. 
12.  The Johnston's arrive. 
13.  Canadian chocolate. Many great meals (I love to eat with the people we love). A great day at the pool. 
14.  L took to Trev & Amy like she did her Aunt Missy.  Not wanting a whole lot to do with me. 
15.  Lots and lots of help with the girls and around the house.  Such a dream.  Super grateful.  I don't deserve to be treated so nice. 
16.  White flesh peaches from Costco.  Wow.  They are juicy, fruity good.