July 14, 2012

The Good Report

1.  My VT came for a visit.  I like the company. And she held E while I took a shower.  (Jeffy and the girls were getting groceries).
2.  A house stocked full of food I can grab.  Thanks to Jeffy's Costco run.  I am starving!
3.  Jeff fixed the broken A/C.  We only had to go 12 hours without it.  He amazes me with his handy man skills.  I'll admit I was a bit panicked inside.  I HATE to be hot.
4.  Many people inviting the girls to play. 
5.  Jeff being home all week.  (I'm panicked about Monday morning when he returns to work). 
6.  VT took me out to lunch after a day of emotions and cabin fever.  Best bacon blue cheese burger ever. 
7.  I can totally live with E's nightly sleep habits.  That girl is awesome! (please don't jinx it, please don't jinx it)
8.  A package from Missy, full of the cutest girl clothes.
9.  Snapped a few more pics of E.  I'm proud of myself on this one because I didn't take that many of L and M as newborns. 
10.  So much more laid back about some things this time around.  Can't pinpoint why.  Maybe it's experience.  Or lots of help. Or a tender mercy.  Or all of it.  (Still not claiming to like it or that it's easy though). 
11.  My sister got the girls to finally wear their life jackets.  The pool is an entirely different (laid back) experience.  Yes, yes, and yes!

Holy Wow!

Rocking my world....check this.  Stunning.

My new favorite source for little girls' clothes.  Free Shipping. I've died.  I have been searching for an affordable dress exactly like this.  (see it on).  Stunning.  Snagged the last size for L.  Oh yeah.  (wish they had it in my size).  Everyone is getting new clothes for the baby blessing.  (last baby = I'm going all out).