August 31, 2012

E's baby blessing

Aw, our little family.  I'm feeling the love for these peeps.  I might have been holding back the tears during the blessing because it's been a looooong, long, long year.  We've been through a lot.  Forever changed. 

Things are normalizing.  I feel it for the first time this week.  And having way more positive emotions.  That's a good thing. 

(My poor babies...all of them broke out on their face for their baby blessing).  Bummer.

Jeff with his sister, Melissa, and nephew, Dallas.

(the littles)
I need some more of L in that dress because it is bee-you-tee-full.

I want to think this outfit (shirt) translated better in real life because in photos it looks like I'm still 9 months.  Sheesh!

my skirt (I can't recommend this one enough.  So comfy.)
and the top.  (also a huge hit for me)

Love this of L and Missy (cropped from a group photo where M was sticking her hand in my face. But these two look delightful).

As usual, I didn't take enough photos.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda.  But it was about 900 degrees and I could feel the sweat dripping down my neck.  And we were all starving.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400