August 13, 2012

I'm a greedy girl (thoughts on visual loveliness)

I haven't been able to put this post into eloquent words so I'm just going to let it spill out as it comes. I've sat down to write a few times and there's not much flow.  All I can say is that I want to hoard loveliness. I'm truly greedy. It's never enough. I want more beauty, more of the time. I want to see it every single day. I want to be awed more, more, more.  GIVE. IT. TO. ME.  I want beautiful light and compositions that stop you/me in our tracks. I want to be moved.

Oh yeah,.... and I want to my photographs to emote. Big time.
I want to emote the heck out of my images.  Please, can I just emote!  And while we are at it, can I also have the time and the toddler cooperation to capture every expression my kids make?  They are awesome and varied and so totally priceless. 

I think I photograph a decent amount.   But when I'm able to cruise through an entire year of blog photographs in minutes well.....uh, that's not much.   I average a roll every week or two.   But that only breaks down to 20-24 images.  Hmph.  Yeah, not enough loveliness collecting.  It's not that I want to be snap snap snappy just for sheer volume.  So lame.   It's that I want to see visual loveliness more often.   In my ideal life I would be inspired every single day.  doesn't happen in my real life.  I'd be making a dozen photographs (at least) every single day.   Beauty would present itself so often that I would not even be able to keep up with it. 

Too much to ask?