September 30, 2012

Behind the scenes...

We took family pics today. I'm super excited about the cheerful color. Cannot wait to get the film back.

The good report

1.  Let's hear it for E, who continues to sleep all night. 
2.  A little cleanup from the dermatologist.  And deciding how bad I want to pay for retin-A. 
3.  Staying up late.  All by myself.  Watching TV.  Folding laundry.  All by myself. 
4.  Surprising Jeff at work.  He really loves that.
5.  Friends of MS came and picked up some of our stuff.  Goodbye!
6.  Sushi (cheap) from our favorite grocery store.  Mmmmmm.
7.  Heart to heart chatting with Jeffy.  There's been a lot of it lately. 
8.  Knowing how to comfort L.  Understanding her emotional self.  I love her. 
9.  First time hosting M's play group.  Went better than I was expecting.  Meaning there were no "gimmeee"or "mine" fights.   Surprising.
10.  I can't get L to wear regular jeans, but at least she'll wear colored skinnies.
11.  Rainy nights.  I like them. 
12.  A visit from Caroloee.
13.  E is really coming alive.  Smiling when you talk to her, cooing.  Even got a giggle this morning.  Delightful. 

Family pics today!  Woot woo. 

September 28, 2012


Birthday parties are a lot of work.

I didn't get to some of the details I wanted. Forgot to do the cake. That's right. Totally forgot! And then there is being mother, party planner, hostess, and photographer all in the same moment. That is a bit of a joke. It frustrates me that I didn't take enough photos. There were some other real beauties in my head. Aw well. I did what I could.  And it was a great night. 

M was totally delightful during the party. 
 Even throwing out some spontaneous "thank you's" to gift givers. 
I cherish politeness from the girls in any way.

The area behind our house is awesomely beautiful at the end of the day.  I love it!
That tablecloth was a bit of a bust.  It's from here
It didn't turn out as saturated as I hoped (and barely visible in the photo) 
so I have since died it again and it's perfect. 
sidenote:  Now I'm thinking about dip dying the curtains in our bedroom

And the sage is in full bloom in the back yard.  So pretty.
This is pretty much what color the tablecloth was supposed to be.

I used this headband tutorial.  I liked them more than the girls for sure.
 really I looooooved them. 
And so bummed I didn't have someone snap a pic of me wearing mine.  It was adorbs!!
Wouldn't they be so cute for New Year's too?  In metallics.




We picked up M's dress and Sophia's tunic on our cruise in March.
It inspired the fiesta theme.

VT's son, Nathan.  The girls looooove him.


Neighbor, Peyton.  He likes to knock on our door.  He and M get along so great.



this cutie is, Canyon, Peyton's baby brother

Bria, beloved babysitter (and friend)
This is probably my favorite photo from the whole party.





Love this little girl.  She's priceless. 

My cousin, Nancy, made M's birthday cake I forgot to put out. It was one tier of this and so pretty.

You can check out my Pinterest Board for more party inspiration.  And if anyone wants the headbands, they are all yours.  Not everyone took theirs home and I certainly don't need  that many.

I'll say it again, "Birthdays are a lot of work".    But it was all worth it when we saw the look on M's face when she got on her new bike.  Pure joy. 

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 160

September 27, 2012

more M

The girls go through so many phases with things they like. M spent a week dressing up in this scarf daily. It so crazy what they latch onto. Might be a piece of clothing or a toy.

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

September 26, 2012

more M

L might be getting sick of me photographing her, but for whatever reason M is totally willing.

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

September 25, 2012

Blow me away

Took a shot during the other set that was so perfection. Except L was done and had a whackadoo face. The composition was full on beautiful so I tried again.

This is lovely.  But still not it.

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

September 24, 2012

He turned 8

Every little man needs a portrait. :)

He is missing a bunch of teeth and wouldn't smile.
  Until I made him laugh.
I love it.

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

September 23, 2012

The good report

1.  The girls were way better than I anticipated at Stake Conference. 
2.  A check engine warning light that turned out to be nothing at all.  (our van tells us every little thing).
3.  Having an auto insurance policy that covers windshield replacement 100%.  Those bad boys are $368.  {Gulp}.
4.  A great burger on the grill.
5.  Target's clearance section.  Scored denim and twill shorts for L for next summer.  Only $3 each. 
6.  Realizing that I should not and will not continue to buy crappy knit shorts for daughter #1 since the other two will wear them also.  
7.  Vinegar.  The miracle liquid.  Jeffy removed all the hard water stains from the sprinklers on our van.  It looks shiny and new.
8.  Happier feelings more of the time. 
9.  Handling things more of the time. 
10.  My VTs came over just to tell me they DID NOT get released as my VTs.  Woot woo!!!!  I literally shouted hooray.
11.  Even though the girls will sometimes fight me on clean up I can usually manipulate persuade them to do it if I turn it into a game. 
12.  Pediatrician offered a simple solution to E's cradle cap = gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush.  Goodbye baby dandruff.
13.  Also had her hair buzzed off to get rid of weird patches and tufts of hair.  Her bald head is looking so beautiful. 
14.  Em's garden produce.   
15.  I'll say it again:  "Preschool rocks!"
16.  Some unexpected coverage from our health insurance.  Wasn't expecting that one.  Awesome. 
17.  When E sleeps through the night (four in a row).  It's heaven. 
18.  Catching up with my cousins for a bit on a Friday night. 
19.  And their older girls who play with my kids who don't want to leave because they are having fun but left nicely anyway and I was really shocked.  (let's hear it for run on sentences)
20.  M's birthday. 
21.  Actually planning a party and following through with an idea. 
22.  Nancy's delicious cake. 
23.  Super grateful to all the peeps who came to the party since I always get party anxiety.
24.  I love the grassy area behind our house.  It's a beautiful spot. 
25.  M's face when she sat on her new bike.  Pure joy.  Then when she figured out how to pedal.  Oh my!  Made the whole night worth it. 
26.  M's spontaneous thank you's. 
27.  Bria's pre party help. 

I need this butterfly poster.  Pretty. 

September 20, 2012


my new favorite photo of M....

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

September 19, 2012

The Falls

We spent a Saturday afternoon at Bridal Veil. It was awesome. The girls were in heaven.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

September 18, 2012

Profile (this is a test)

I love their little noses and their sweet little profiles. More to come. Done differently.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

Windblown. black and white.

Black and white conversion courtesy of my inconsistent-color-but-ridiculously-cheap-so-I-am--forever-a-slave-to-you-lab. 

P.S. I don't tell her to make any of those faces. Or any of these poses. Do all four year olds think they are 16? Sheesh! It's a little too much sometimes (meaning I fear the teenage L).  

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

September 17, 2012

Lashes and locks

(Still a few more I want to capture)
Not done yet....

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400