September 23, 2012

The good report

1.  The girls were way better than I anticipated at Stake Conference. 
2.  A check engine warning light that turned out to be nothing at all.  (our van tells us every little thing).
3.  Having an auto insurance policy that covers windshield replacement 100%.  Those bad boys are $368.  {Gulp}.
4.  A great burger on the grill.
5.  Target's clearance section.  Scored denim and twill shorts for L for next summer.  Only $3 each. 
6.  Realizing that I should not and will not continue to buy crappy knit shorts for daughter #1 since the other two will wear them also.  
7.  Vinegar.  The miracle liquid.  Jeffy removed all the hard water stains from the sprinklers on our van.  It looks shiny and new.
8.  Happier feelings more of the time. 
9.  Handling things more of the time. 
10.  My VTs came over just to tell me they DID NOT get released as my VTs.  Woot woo!!!!  I literally shouted hooray.
11.  Even though the girls will sometimes fight me on clean up I can usually manipulate persuade them to do it if I turn it into a game. 
12.  Pediatrician offered a simple solution to E's cradle cap = gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush.  Goodbye baby dandruff.
13.  Also had her hair buzzed off to get rid of weird patches and tufts of hair.  Her bald head is looking so beautiful. 
14.  Em's garden produce.   
15.  I'll say it again:  "Preschool rocks!"
16.  Some unexpected coverage from our health insurance.  Wasn't expecting that one.  Awesome. 
17.  When E sleeps through the night (four in a row).  It's heaven. 
18.  Catching up with my cousins for a bit on a Friday night. 
19.  And their older girls who play with my kids who don't want to leave because they are having fun but left nicely anyway and I was really shocked.  (let's hear it for run on sentences)
20.  M's birthday. 
21.  Actually planning a party and following through with an idea. 
22.  Nancy's delicious cake. 
23.  Super grateful to all the peeps who came to the party since I always get party anxiety.
24.  I love the grassy area behind our house.  It's a beautiful spot. 
25.  M's face when she sat on her new bike.  Pure joy.  Then when she figured out how to pedal.  Oh my!  Made the whole night worth it. 
26.  M's spontaneous thank you's. 
27.  Bria's pre party help. 

I need this butterfly poster.  Pretty. 

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  1. Anytime anyone is thrilled about an insurance policy it is a miracle! Glad things are looking up.