September 09, 2012

The good report

1.  Sunday nap with E while Jeff played with the girls. 
2.  A great R.S. lesson.  Reaffirmed some answers.
3.  M is pouring it on with a zillion "I love you"s each day. 
4.  I've gotten E to smile.  So cute. 
5.  It's looking like E will have blue eyes!  Crossing my fingers.
6.  E is still giving us some all night sleep.
7.  Jeff cleaned both cars.  Woo!
8.  First day of preschool.  No tears from L.  And heard about it the rest of the day.  Awesome. 
9.  L cooperated with first day photos too.  (see them tomorrow).  It was so cute how excited she was.
10.  Rented Mirror, Mirror and loved it.  Cool costumes.  Cuuuuute prince. 
11.  Freshly colored hair is my fave. 
12.  Rented John Carter.  Liked that one too.  (I guess I am catching up on all the movies I missed in the last several months)
13.  Running my errands during preschool.  With only two kids.  M is so laid back and delightful and E sleeps the whole time.
14.  A Saturday afternoon at Bridal Veil.