October 23, 2012

Light test in the garage

Gotta take advantage of the beautiful light in the garage more often. I'm pretty sick of my usual spots around the house.
(And the new peg board is going to make a nice little backdrop) 

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

October 22, 2012

Hair anew


I loved you long hair, but you had to go.


curly version

and straight version

My hair falls out after every pregnancy. This time was no different so I had to chop it off in order to maintain some volume/dignity. Not that I have ever been shy of short hair, but that was the longest my hair has been in a very long time so it was a bit of a bummer.

October 21, 2012

Part of our weekend

I sobbed when I watched this the first time. It's a beautiful thing to see the girls have so much fun.

The good report

1.  Another round of fire pit and s'mores.  This time at my sister's house.
2.  More household purging, cleaning, donating.  I'm pretending we are moving next week.  Thanks M.S. for the pickup.
3.  My mom watched E while I took the girls to L's preschool field trip (pumpkin patch).  So much easier.
4.  Watching niece, S, at dance class.  The cutest.
5.  A beautiful afternoon at the park with my parents.
6.  My friend, Ang, sent me this.  Just because.  Ack!  It was on my wishlist.
7.  My mom stocked our pantry and freezer.  Delighted.
8.  I got E to laugh out loud.  Oh. My. 
9.  And she smiles nonstop now.  She's come alive.
10.  And still sleeps through the night.  Woooooooooo!
11.  $52 in rewards from Costco.  
12.  I love that my dad calls E "squeaky".
13.  And lets L play sudoku with him.    It's really just her filling in any number which she thinks is awesome.
14.  Pumpkin patch with the parents and cousins makes me feel all festive. 
15.  Even though my hair is massively falling out, Heidi hooked me up with a miracle cut.  It's the cutest.
16.  It's been downright delightful having my parents stay with us. 
17.  Dinner at Tucanos.  So very good.  Even better without kids.
18.  Bria even cleaned the bathroom and bathed the girls while we were gone. 
19.  And Dallas hung the hooks for the stroller and Jeff's bike.  Oh man, you should see the garage.  I'm so happy.  And that Dallas is a keeper. 
20.  We can even park one of our vehicles in their now.  Life just got real good.
21.  I'm feeling a general sense of happiness.  We've come a long way in the last few months.
22.  My mom and dad were all around helpful with baby E and the girls.   I'm grateful.

I can't even handle it.   Adorbs.  No reason and no where for L to wear it, but geez. 
Then there's pretty in pink lace.  Gasp!   I'm thinking Valentine's Day. 

October 19, 2012

October 18, 2012

Crimped pony

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

October 17, 2012

B at sunset (the sweet light)

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

October 16, 2012

He was king for a day

Jeffy turned 38. 

We have massively bombed each other's birthdays in previous years.  But since the past few months were so traumatic, I've really been trying to make good memories for our little family. 

He loved his day. 

The cake was cute. 
But in terms of taste, it was nothing compared to my cousin's cakes. 
Now, I know. 

So many beautiful evenings lately.
Love, love, love this time of year.

Here's M's new haircut she got that day.....

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

October 15, 2012

Photo fest

I've been adding photos around the house

family pics replaced this.
(that's E taking a little nap)

October 14, 2012

The good report

1. I am genuinely enjoying our family life. What a mighty change!
2. Fire pit and s'mores on a chilly night.
3. Jeff and Dallas hung peg board in the garage.  Such a great solution to our problem. 
4. General purge/clean up/orginization of the garage.  Oh wow, it looks good. 
5. The neighborhood antagonist has a FOR SALE sign up.  Wooooooooo!  Dreams really do come true. 
6. It was so nice having Jeff around during the day, for the little things.  (He was on vacation all week.)
7.  My parents arrived for an extended visit
8.  We've been hitting Costco's chocolate covered rasins pretty hard. 
9.  The weather is perfection.  We've been outside a lot.
10.  L is so much more cheerful lately.  Quite possibly a result of my own attitude change.
11.  I love that Jeffy likes having photographs hung everywhere in the house. 
12.  E is trying so hard to sit up. 
13.  Bria took the girls for a couple of hours one afternoon.  And made us oatmeal choclate chip cookies before she left. 
14.  My nephew, H, fixed our printer.  Yipee!  Now, I can start printing recipes again. 
15.  Jeff's safe arrival home from motorcycle trip.
16.  P's baptism.

October 10, 2012

The right light

In the right light, at the right time,
everything is extraordinary
-Aaron Rose, film director

October 09, 2012


Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

October 08, 2012

Sparkle power

I'm a sucker for sequins. 

We've been getting school clothes for L and I literally want to photograph her in every single outfit.  But that's kind of ridiculous. 

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

October 07, 2012

The good report

1.  Jeffy turned 38.
2.  We successfully made him feel loved.
3.  Trevor and Amy were here.  Good peeps.
4.  Early planning (2 months in advance!) ensures L will have a birthday party this year.  Yeah, December is a complete nightmare at our house, but we will rock the rockstar party.
5.  General Conference.  The best of the best. 
6.  Minimal blog browsing has left me so much happier.  Truly.  I no longer hate my life.
7.  Let's hear it for moms. They comment on your blog when no one else will.
8.  Loving all the neighbors who are kind (and tolerant) to our kids. 
9.  Like the neighborhood "grandma" who invites the girls to help her in her garden.  Pulling beets and spraying them off with the hose.
10.  Trevor and Amy's well behaved boys.  I watched them while they went to SLC to attend conference. 
11.  Just an all around beautiful few days.  Razor riding, outside playing, Conference listening, breezes blowing, and salmon grilling.

Could this be any more perfect for the rockstar birthday party?  I think not.  I'm absolutely dying over it. 

October 06, 2012

Little mother

L really loves E.  Says, "She's MY baby" quite often.  And I'm happy to be experiencing L's delightful side. 

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

October 05, 2012

M's play group friends

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

October 04, 2012


She stopped by one day and I thought she looked adorable.  So I snapped a few...

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

October 03, 2012

COLOR BLAST (family photos)

Call me crazy for taking my own family pictures, but it worked out....better than you would think.
B helped a ton by doing the girls hair and taking all the family groups (and any photo you see me in).  You'll see some super pretty photos of her tomorrow.

He's my fave.

I can't even stand how cute she is! 
P.S.  She is getting her hair chopped short tomorrow. 
I have no doubt it will be adorable. 
Then I will let it grow long like L's.
I just have to see her with a super chic bob.
(shorter than this.  chin length.)

L's hair was to die for.  Until the wind got to it. 
Still cute though.

L's pretty much over me photographing her.

Bribe kids to encourage photo cooperation?

My hair was a bit of a bust too thanks to photos in the evening. 
You know...after church, lunch, house tidy up. 

This one is my favorite.

Aw, baby girl!  (three months today)

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400