October 07, 2012

The good report

1.  Jeffy turned 38.
2.  We successfully made him feel loved.
3.  Trevor and Amy were here.  Good peeps.
4.  Early planning (2 months in advance!) ensures L will have a birthday party this year.  Yeah, December is a complete nightmare at our house, but we will rock the rockstar party.
5.  General Conference.  The best of the best. 
6.  Minimal blog browsing has left me so much happier.  Truly.  I no longer hate my life.
7.  Let's hear it for moms. They comment on your blog when no one else will.
8.  Loving all the neighbors who are kind (and tolerant) to our kids. 
9.  Like the neighborhood "grandma" who invites the girls to help her in her garden.  Pulling beets and spraying them off with the hose.
10.  Trevor and Amy's well behaved boys.  I watched them while they went to SLC to attend conference. 
11.  Just an all around beautiful few days.  Razor riding, outside playing, Conference listening, breezes blowing, and salmon grilling.

Could this be any more perfect for the rockstar birthday party?  I think not.  I'm absolutely dying over it. 


  1. glad you have fun with Trevor and Amy, good friends are a treasure. I love the sequin dress and I imagine L will think she's pretty hot stuff in it. Conference is always so good and I think it just gets better all the time. I loved Elder Oaks' talk about children--so appropriate with much food for thought. See you in a few days. M

  2. I'm glad you had a nice time with Trevor and Amy--good friends are a real treasure. I think L will think she's really hot stuff in the sequined dress--it is really pretty. I'm loving conference too, especially Elder Oaks' talk on children. Too bad the whole world wasn't listening. We will see you in a few days. We're excited to go West. M

  3. That dress is gorgeous! December is such a hard time for a birthday party. Good for you preparing early!