October 14, 2012

The good report

1. I am genuinely enjoying our family life. What a mighty change!
2. Fire pit and s'mores on a chilly night.
3. Jeff and Dallas hung peg board in the garage.  Such a great solution to our problem. 
4. General purge/clean up/orginization of the garage.  Oh wow, it looks good. 
5. The neighborhood antagonist has a FOR SALE sign up.  Wooooooooo!  Dreams really do come true. 
6. It was so nice having Jeff around during the day, for the little things.  (He was on vacation all week.)
7.  My parents arrived for an extended visit
8.  We've been hitting Costco's chocolate covered rasins pretty hard. 
9.  The weather is perfection.  We've been outside a lot.
10.  L is so much more cheerful lately.  Quite possibly a result of my own attitude change.
11.  I love that Jeffy likes having photographs hung everywhere in the house. 
12.  E is trying so hard to sit up. 
13.  Bria took the girls for a couple of hours one afternoon.  And made us oatmeal choclate chip cookies before she left. 
14.  My nephew, H, fixed our printer.  Yipee!  Now, I can start printing recipes again. 
15.  Jeff's safe arrival home from motorcycle trip.
16.  P's baptism.

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