October 21, 2012

The good report

1.  Another round of fire pit and s'mores.  This time at my sister's house.
2.  More household purging, cleaning, donating.  I'm pretending we are moving next week.  Thanks M.S. for the pickup.
3.  My mom watched E while I took the girls to L's preschool field trip (pumpkin patch).  So much easier.
4.  Watching niece, S, at dance class.  The cutest.
5.  A beautiful afternoon at the park with my parents.
6.  My friend, Ang, sent me this.  Just because.  Ack!  It was on my wishlist.
7.  My mom stocked our pantry and freezer.  Delighted.
8.  I got E to laugh out loud.  Oh. My. 
9.  And she smiles nonstop now.  She's come alive.
10.  And still sleeps through the night.  Woooooooooo!
11.  $52 in rewards from Costco.  
12.  I love that my dad calls E "squeaky".
13.  And lets L play sudoku with him.    It's really just her filling in any number which she thinks is awesome.
14.  Pumpkin patch with the parents and cousins makes me feel all festive. 
15.  Even though my hair is massively falling out, Heidi hooked me up with a miracle cut.  It's the cutest.
16.  It's been downright delightful having my parents stay with us. 
17.  Dinner at Tucanos.  So very good.  Even better without kids.
18.  Bria even cleaned the bathroom and bathed the girls while we were gone. 
19.  And Dallas hung the hooks for the stroller and Jeff's bike.  Oh man, you should see the garage.  I'm so happy.  And that Dallas is a keeper. 
20.  We can even park one of our vehicles in their now.  Life just got real good.
21.  I'm feeling a general sense of happiness.  We've come a long way in the last few months.
22.  My mom and dad were all around helpful with baby E and the girls.   I'm grateful.

I can't even handle it.   Adorbs.  No reason and no where for L to wear it, but geez. 
Then there's pretty in pink lace.  Gasp!   I'm thinking Valentine's Day. 

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