November 11, 2012

The good report

Haven't cared a whole lot about blogging or making my weekly list.  It's because I am actually happy and don't need to remind myself to be happy. 

Here is a list anyway from the last couple of weeks (because Jeffy likes to read them).

1. Actually feeling happy.
2.  The change of seasons.  I love them all.
3. Striped storage.  In pink!
4. I continue to purge the unneccesaries of our home.
5. The girls are truly delighted about their new bunk beds.   It's really, really cute. 
6. A neighbor bought the extra crib which is a lot better than donating it.
7. M's cough and disgusting nose have cleared up.
8. Costco has opened in town. Woooooooooo!
9. Sheets that actually fit our giganto mattress.  Oh my gosh, FINALLY.
10. Date with the hubs. Communicating without interruption.
11. B taught me how to put L's hair in a sock bun. Killing me with cuteness. (you'll see the pics).
12.  Halloween was awesome with the girls.  They were in to it.
13.  And no one puked when I let them eat all their candy in two days.  I know.....Ew.  But I wanted to get it over with.
14.  Bright blue, grey, and neon skinnies.  Color me happy.  (Too old for neon pink jeans at 35?  Probably.  Don't care.)
15.  Tiny prints.  I'm a huge fan.  Just got our Christmas cards yesterday.  Rounded corners and heavyweight paper....  Mmmmm.  Lovely. 
16.  The first snow.  Beautiful.
17.  A neighbor did three loads of laundry for us since our dryer will not be fixed until Tuesday.  Now, that's going above and beyond.
18.  Started exercising to Jillian Michaels.  I'm only three workouts in and I feel the burn.  She does not mess around. 

P.S.  I tend to not photograph as much in the winter months. We are about to enter a visual dry spell peeps.   But life is good and I reallly hope my hair stops falling out soon.  Real soon.  I'm getting paranoid. 


  1. I like your good reports because they make me think of all the good things in my life and all the blessings from Heavenly Father. Thanks for your lists. Mom

  2. Our kids Halloween candy never lasts more than a week. And I'm O.K. with that--just get it over. And per the dentist it is actually better for their teeth that way too.