December 17, 2012

It's gettin' good

This holiday season is a vast improvement from last year.  Starting with the fact that I'm not pregnant.  Three cheers!!!!  But L and M are both old enough to really get it and really appreciate anything we do.  Plus, Jeff and I are trying hard not to be scrooges (we were really scarred by last year).    I'm feeling super sentimental and festive this time around, and feeling like we are on our way to some new traditions, catered just to our little family.  Things like gingerbread houses and pjs on First presidency Christmas devotional night.  Or letting the girls each pick out an ornament (must stay in the gold, silver, white, clear pallette though.  not ready for a complete knick-knack-paddy-wack tree).  And there's that playmobil nativity. ...Each night after the girls go to bed I set it up in a new arrangement.  And each morning, M says, "did you set this up?" in her sweet voice.  And then I melt cuz it's our "thing" right now.  And this one....  just for fun I strapped one on the toy sizzle.  (tee hee).  The girls loved it.  Elf on the shelf?  What!  Um, adorable.  Can't believe I've never heard of it.  Then there's some things that I cannot reveal until after Christmas because I'm surprising Jeff and the girls.  So excited. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. You should see the ornaments my Megan picks out each year! She's got a unique style. When she's older I can't wait to hear what she thinks about the big bird's nest with three eggs and a bird that she picked out three years ago. We got the girls their own trees (cheap ones from Walmart) a few years back for their bedrooms so I wouldn't have to share my has-to-look-good tree or have help decorating my tree.

    We love the Playmobil nativity too. It's been our favorite for a long time. The girls still play with it. This year I decided to start collecting the Playmobil advent calendars. Too bad I like last year's better than this year's and now it's up to $50 online!

    1. Oh man, great idea. I want a tree in every room and then the girls can just have at it. I was wondering about those advents. I thought it was so cute. (But I never saw last year's)