December 02, 2012

The good report (a few weeks worth)

1.  Being only two minutes from home when baby blowout ended up all over me. 
2.  Tucanos buffet the day after Thanksgiving.  No wait.  Fantastic food (it made up for not being able to eat Thanksgiving day.  since we all got the pukes.)
3.  Four beautiful dresses, three tops for the girls = 89 cents.  Not a typo.  Thanks to my rewards.
4.  Online deals.  because I don't do black Friday lines/crowds.  Ever. 
5.  The funniest and surprisingly fun family home evening with the girls.  (I expected the worst)
6.  Jeff's generous, funny, helpful, social family.
7.  Matching Easter dress for cousin S = $9
8.  M and E never got that stomach bug that tortured the rest of us.  Oh, thank goodness the tiniest ones were spared.
9.  Sophia's dance recital was the cutest. 
10.  E didn't hate my guts even though the girls were terribly obnoxious the whole time.  I was mortified.
11.  I teared up when the ballerinas danced to Ave Maria.  I love that song.
12.  A massive surprise arrived from my parents.   Ooo, it was a good one. 
13.  A successful parenting moment.  (I'm praying my heart out about our oldest). 
14.  I'm determined to survive this December. 
15.  It's so fun to watch the girls delight in Christmas-y things. 
16.  L can easily get E to laugh.  So cute. 
17.  Glad I finally broke down and bought the play mobil nativity.  The girls play with it constantly.
18.  B watched the girls while I knocked out some Christmas shopping.  Truly, I am so excited for them. 
19.  Some realizations:   L is in our family cuz I need to learn some stuff.  A lot of stuff.  This year happened because I needed to learn some stuff. 
20.  Tonight was spent decorating ginger bread houses, unwrapping Christmas jammies , and watching the Christmas devotional.  The holiday begins!

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