December 09, 2012

The good report

1.  B watched the girls for another round of Christmas shopping. Man, it's nice on my own.  I took my sweet time.
2.  I'm totally on top of it for Christmas this year. Big difference from 2011. 
3.  Made it through my part at the R.S. Christmas dinner.  Somehow I thought there would be several people talking, but it was just me.  Eeeek. 
4.  And the girls had a blast at the child care class.  That was completely surprising.  No clinging to my leg, whining, etc. 
5.   L fell asleep 9 nights in a row without me in her room.  And counting.....
We've turned a major corner.  (hoping I didn't just jinx it)
6.  At least L's birthday meltdown was before the party instead of during. 
7.  I'm always grateful people/friends show up.
8.  Dinner, carriage ride, and plenty of Christmas lights at the Riverwoods. 
9.  L serenaded us the whole way home with made up songs on her guitar.  It was sweet.
10.  The guitar is beloved.
11.  We ended the day/night with snow.  So pretty.
12.  Costco bday cakes are delish.  L picked chocolate.
13.  Can't wait to see her wear the new "rockstar" dress
14.  The first Christmas cards of the season arrived in our mailbox.  (my fave)
15.  Cut my hair shorter again due to continued hair loss. 

P.S.  Jeff and I decided every year we will be printing off a family photo book.  Starting with 2013 (not even going to attempt going back through time).  I'm so anxious because I miss albums and holding them in my hands.  Pinhole press is my new bff.  I printed some Christmas gifts with them and was thrilled with the results.  Just lovely.  Just right.  So clean.  So fresh.  I could go on and on.  Highly recommend. 

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  1. Sounds like lots of good happenings are at your house and that you've been doing some fun Christmasy things. I enjoy the Christmas tree lights and Christmas music every night when I turn out all the other lights in the living room--I love that mood and the time to just relax and think. Keep enjoying this wonderful time of year. M