December 16, 2012

The good report

1.  I think my hair stopped falling out.  I think.
2.  Plumber put a stop to our howling pipes.  Glad it wasn't anything serious.  Just a water pressure adjustment.  And he barely charged us.
3.  Our Christmas tree is in need of some serious dimension (all the ornaments are about the same size, shape, and texture).  Found some fluffy white feather balls at Walmart.  It has made all the difference. 
4.  Jeff's work days aren't quite as long.  Some 8:30's here and there.
5.  Watching L belt out songs during primary.  Makes me melt.
6.  Some beautiful sacrament meeting music last week. 
7.  Developing a sense of humor about motherhood.  It's cut a lot of L's tension this week. 
8.  Trying not to take things so personally with her.  #7 and 8 are closely connected. 
9.  I'm hopeful about other changes I need to make too.
10.  Pretty much dying over my this-is-what-I'm-wearing-the-Sunday before-Christmas outfit.  Here's a peek
11.  I'm really feeling festive. 
12.  L is still falling asleep in her room, on her own.  ELATED is an understatement.
13.  Christmas dress for M = $10.
14.   Nightly talks with Jeff.  Especially important this time of year. 
15.  A VT who celebrates L's sleep habits with me. 
16.  New favorite Christmas books for the littles:  Just a snowy Day (touch and feel) and The Sweet Smell of Christmas (scratch and sniff).
17.  E smiles so easily. 


  1. As always, thank you for sharing your "good report". We all need to recognize the good things in our lives because being grateful brings such blessings to us. M

  2. Just got this skirt for christmas :) Wahoo for good weeks!

    1. Ash, great minds think alike, huh? Cute.