December 23, 2012

The good report

1.  A thorough cleaning of the van. 
2.  A few less bills.
3.  Dropping everything (errands, chores) for a snowy day.  Sledding, hot chocolate, sledding, hot baths, afternoon naps.  Only thing missing was Jeff.
4.  A neighbor tip on where to find real good gloves for the girls.  Local store scores big with these mittens.  Oh yes, waterproof too.
5.  L runs out to greet the mail lady almost daily.  On Wednesday she left a little Christmas surprise in our box for the girls.  I was so touched.  And L and M about flipped their lids with excitement. 
6.  The way E holds my finger and thumb so tight while she drinks a bottle. 
7.  My lab gave me someone else's scans, but at least they had the right negatives so it is an easy fix. 
8.  Beautiful snowfall.  The world was covered.   
9.  Took some Winter-y pics of the girls. 
10.  E's scrunchy faces when she tried applesauce with rice cereal for the first time.
11.  Some good hair days courtesty of that new haircut.
12.  The WINDY cold reminds me to be thankful for our warm house. 
13.  The sound of L singing primary songs to herself after I've put her to bed.  "I like to look for rainbows....."
14.  And her latest:  fake machine gun laughter which cracks me up.  So she does it often. 
15.  Jeff got a $50 tip from someone he delivers to.  I thought that was so cool.
16.  Everyone (mostly L) played nicer than normal when we watched neighbor friends one morning.
17.  Lunch and a movie with Jeff.  Lots of catching up and meaningful conversation.  I love him.
18.  That really cool family gift I was waiting on arrived. 

P.S.  I'm sending out my request to the universe. Will someone please make a mint green dress for M's Easter dress?  Preferrably Old Navy so I can use my rewards and get it for free.  That would be great. 

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