December 30, 2012

The good report

1.  E started rolling over on her own. 
2.  And literally laughing at everything.  Plus, squeals of delight while watching her mobile spin. 
3.  Tithing settlement with the Bishop turned out to be a super uplifting convo and just what Jeff and I needed.
4.  Chilling by the tree after the girls have gone to bed. 
5.  Snow on Christmas Eve.  C'mon...that's magical. 
6.  Homemade vanilla from a neighbor.  Mmmmmmm.  I like the good stuff.
7.  Christmas was totally awesome this year.  Jeff was thoroughly surprised and grateful.
8.  Steak, shrimp, and salmon makes for the perfect Christmas dinner.
9.  I really like when Jeff picks out new perfume for me. 
10.  More snow.  I've always appreciated the white stuff.
11.  A Playmobil kind of Christmas = hours of entertainment.  Totally addicted.  Will probably talk about it over and over again.  We got the coolest sets for the girls. 
12.  Jeff is loving working in Heber. 
13.  Nicky had her baby girl.  Ann Kathryn.  (I'm a fan of classy names like that).
14.  A quiet walk in the snow.  Alone.  With my camera.  I felt totally rejuvinated after.  (The girls were at a neighbors).  
15.  Jeff encouraging me to do special things for our family.
16.  Em's Christmas gift surprised us.  I really wanted one.
17.  Four day weekend = Jeff home. 
18.  After Christmas trip to post office = No lines, no wait. 
19.  Finally saw Nanny McPhee after Nicky gifted it to us.  I thought it was adorable.  Though the Colin Firth factor probably contributed. 
20.  Started stuffing E full of semi solids in the hopes that she'll go back to sleeping all night.
21.  L's made up language cracks me up.  She calls it "Spanish".  I'll give you a sample.  A-claw ooclaw pleeplaw. 

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