January 23, 2013


If I were a poet, I'd whip up a little something about Winter because it's so beautiful. 

Awesomely beautiful.

We woke up to this one morning.  I had to grab my camera and get out there. 





It even sparkles. 
 (wasn't sure that was going to show up. 
note to self:  find more sparkling snow and photograph again. more sparkles.)

(My camera got a little soaked on this falling snow shot)


(This shot has so much more potential.  I love it....  But more, more, more.  I needed a grown up.)
I hope it snows again. 

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400


  1. You guys have the prettiest snow. I'm with you as loving winter and snow. M

  2. Your photographs *almost* make me like winter and long for snow. Almost.