January 06, 2013

Sunday lovely

The holidays are over, but sequins are not.


I'm going to start posting my Sunday outfits.
Because I want to.
There was a brief second when I thought it would be fun to be a fashion blogger. 
Not so much anymore.   Waaaaaay too much work.
It was another good hair day despite the balding going on. 
I pulled out my velcro rollers and got some much needed lift. 
P.S.  I don't know what it is.....the lack of sleep, third pregnancy taking a massive toll on my body, or a combination of a lot of things....but suddenly aging is happening and visible on my face.  Lines, wrinkles, giant pores.  I'm seeking anti aging goodies.  Nothing drastic, you know.  Mostly skin hydration and eye care.  And dark circle covering eye makeup.  Wish me luck.  I'm about to be 36. 


  1. I really like the outfit. You look very nice in the sparkly top. M

  2. You're super beautiful Leslie!

  3. You look great! I feel your pain though. I just found a wrinkle on my face yesterday that left me a bit shaken up ;)