January 13, 2013

Sunday Lovely

Seriously, it's not easy to photograph yourself in outfits. Wondering how to streamline the process. Jeff was like hurry it up. And we were late for church.

Maybe I should clean my mirror.

Yes, I will do that.


  1. You ladies look lovely. I like the striped sweater. I'm like you in that I am really liking stripes lately--I bought five White Stag tops at Wal Mart in five different colors of stripes--blue/white, black/white, yellow/white, orange/white, and pink/white. John really likes them and so do I, but I wished there had also been one in red/white and lime green/white. Maybe there will be those colors later. Enjoy all your snow, which I saw during the BYU men's basketball game on BYU TV the other night. It looked really pretty. M

  2. I almost bought that sweater. Now I'm wishing I had!