January 27, 2013

The good report

1.  M's spontaneous, "I love you's"
2.  When L cleans without being asked.  Sometimes it's the toys in the living room.  Sometimes its the kitchen table.  Or making her bed.  All around awesome.
3.  E is trying to crawl.  The beginning phases.  Pushing up on her knees.
4.  Jeff's safe return home from motorcycle trip. 
5.  And the following four days having him around.
6.  I made room in the sewing room that always becomes more like a storage room, and began sewing again.   
7.  Oooo, I've got some cool projects (quilts and little girl's clothing) going.  It's seriously good to be back.
8.  Major progress with bedtime.  L will go to sleep without us in her room. 
9.  Jeffy knocked out some items from the honey do list.  Yeeeeeee--esss!!

That Bruno MarsWoweeL-O-V-E.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like L is growing up with her willingness to clean and go to be more easily. That is nice progress for her and prayer on her parent's part. The girls are so cute (Sis. Rowse commented on them being so cute, too, the other night when I saw her in the temple. Love you all. M