January 17, 2013

The shape of things

I'm loving putting M in these simple A-line style dresses right now.  They look so cute on her. 
Oh, and that yellow one....it has pockets.  *sigh*

Gap color block dress

Crewcuts tunic that wears like a dress on her. 
Just the right length. 
She's wearing it on Sunday.

stripes.  I know.  I love 'em.


  1. those are cute dresses. I like all the fabrics. We went to the temple tonight to clean and the stake RS president was there. Linda Hartigan is her secretary and she said that Linda is in the hospital. She has MS and has been doing really well for several years. However, this week she got really bad and can't stand at all and has lesions on her brain--I think that's what Sis. Boyd said. Doesn't sound good. She is such a special lady so we need to keep her in our prayers. M

  2. I like these dresses, too, and the colors are very cheerful. I'm sure she looks very cute in them. Did you buy them or make them? M