February 10, 2013

The good report

1. I turned 36
2. Crab ravioli from Costco. With tomato cream sauce. Looove.
3. Jeff installed accent lights under the kitchen counter. Loooove.
4. Flowers from my VTs
5. Two new boxes of film. Eeeeeee!
6. Keeping up each week with our family album so I don't feel overwhelmed at the end of the year and just decide not to do it. (It's looking so pretty).
7. Finally got the van registered. A nagging item on the to-do list.
8. A sweet bday card and bag of Peppermint patties from my nephew.
9. Jeffy got a new church calling which I think is going to be just right for our life.
10. Weekend date with Jeff talking about important things. Uninterrupted.
11.  Cut and color makes me feel so fine. 


  1. Glad you had a nice birthday and it sounds like you got some thoughtful gifts from people. Hope you can find something your really want with your birthday money. We love you and you are an awesome daughter, wife, mother and sister. M & D