February 25, 2013

The good report

1.  Our laptop got a virus, but Jeffy's pals at PC Discounters fixed it for free.
2.  We took the girls bowling for the first time. 
3.  In a surprise twist, L thoroughly enjoyed it while M pouted and whined the whole time. 
4.  E is sitting up on her own.
5.  Dal is quite handy to have around. 
6.  He watched E and M while I went and got our taxes done.   (and during my dentist appointment).
7.  And he organized our garage.  Again. 
8.  L is so pleasant one on one.  (Took her with me to do taxes).  
9.  The fish we bought the girls for Valentine's Day is still alive.  Even though he won't eat.  We are going on two+ weeks
10.   L wanted her hair cut short.  So we had it done. 
11.  Moroccan oil is really helping my hair.  Plus, it smells nice. 
12.  A few days away in St. George with my sisters and cousin.  NO KIDS. 
13.  I finished 2 Easter dresses, 2 skirts for M, 2 dresses for L, a shirt and a dress for E, and a shirt for L. 
14.  No migraines (I was worried) despite staying up until late, late, late. 
15.  Jeffy survived great while I was gone. 

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  1. Glad you had a good, and productive, time in St. George. I'm sure all of you enjoyed some "me" time doing what you wanted. Can't wait to see L's short hair cut--I'm sure it looks really cute. We haven't started on our taxes yet, but will in the next week or two--sounds like you had a successful trip to the tax preparer all around. Do you guys plan on coming out for Bethany's wedding? Love to all, M