March 24, 2013

The good report

1.  Jeff and Dallas painted the basement bedroom and bath (back to white).  I'm so thrilled.  We should have done that years ago.
2.  M has been surprising me by trying new foods (edemame, refried beans).  She's not as adventurous as L in that area so I'm thrilled.
3.  E had her first tooth break through. 
4.  Spring like weather makes me feel so fine. 
5.  Some great Sunday meetings.
6.  Jeff left his church bag at chruch. With the ipad in it. Rushed back to church when we realized, and there it sat.  Relief.
7. We got our recommends renewed and I had a great convo with one of the Stake counselors.
8.  Weekly FHE is waaaaay better than I anticipated.
9.  And I can see little changes for the better in our life.
10.  There's going to be a May wedding.  Woot woo!
11.  And we're making plans for L to make the trip with me. 
12.  A belated bday present from my sister-in-law arrived in the mail.  Unexpected.  Awesome. 
13.  E is pulling herself to standing position. 
14.  A phone call from Carolee may have changed my life this week.  (concerning our photo lab).  EEEEEEEE!
15.  L taking E for a stroller ride on the block.  Both were entertained. 
16.  Tiny baby skinnies for $8 (Target) pink and mint.  Adorbs!
17.  Finished another baby quilt. 
18.  The way E lights up when I walk in the room each morning. 
19.   More sprucing up the house. 

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