April 21, 2013

Movin' on up


It's not easy photographing interiors.  I would do some of it differently after having the experience. These were taken for our listing.  I still think they are a thousand times better than 100% of listings we've looked at.  (That's my own research, of course).  I mean, I really can't figure out why people don't clean off their kitchen counters or put their laundry away before listing their home for sale.  Ew. 

The sign is in the yard.  9 people have walked through in two weeks. 

So many unknowns in our life right now.  


  1. Your house pictures look really good and the house looks ready to sell, so hope that comes pretty soon for you. M

  2. As one who is looking at homes right now to get ideas for a future move, I know what you are saying. It'll be tricky to get our place photographed decent too. Don't look forward to that, but maybe I'll hire you to come help out. It may be totally worth it.