April 22, 2013

The good report

1.  Spontaneous visit from Alisha & Claire.
2.  Jeff found missing van keys.
3.  Provo temple with Jeff.  Followed by Smokehouse (my death row meal for sure....BBQ bacon blue cheese burger with mac-n-cheese.  I don't want that meal to end.  Ever.)
4.  Dropbox means I don't have to pic up my scans.  Emailed right to me.  Thank you very much. 
5.  Full body goose bumps.
6.  2 Plane tickets for May wedding.  Done. And done.
7.  E has two more teeth.  The front ones. 
8.  Even though her napping is unpredictable, she is still sleeping at night. 
9.  Morning at the park with some neighbors that moved away.
10.  E is standing on her own.  Without holding on to something. 

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