May 14, 2013

The good report

1.  Our townhouse sold. 
2.  Um yeah, that was fast.  But we are thankful how things are playing out.
3.   NOT having to pay thousands to get out of it is a giant relief. 
4.  Paid our last blankety-blank HOA payment.  Yee-ha!
5.  I can't help but look at the neighbors and think, "We are out. Peace!". (Candace Flynn Style)
6.  Found a cheaper-than-all-the-rest rental for the in between time.
7.  Oh gosh, the weather is divine.
8.  Packing is lame, but purging is the best. 
9.  A camera bag stocked full of film feels so fine.  Got some "events" coming up. 
10.  Some super awesome peeps took the girls while we packed it all up. 
11.  It's bittersweet finding world's most amazing babysitter just before we leave.  She totally rocks (Plays with the girls the entire time). 
12.  L lost her first tooth. 
13.  Discovering John Dolan who is holy crap good. 
14.  Jeff swept us all away to Bryce Canyon because we were going insane.  (Family road trip style). 
15.  It was good and bad and beautiful and tiring and worth it (mostly). 
16.  Tons of free boxes from a neighbor who works for the BYU bookstore.
17.  Giant sigh of relief and actual tears of joy over health insurance decisions at Jeff's work. 
18.  Saturday, we move.  Here's hoping we survive the summer (renting during the build). 
19.  Super excited about 100 frames of lovely I just dropped off at the lab. 
20.  Picked up newly repaired film backs = no more light leaks.
21.  Our 11 year anniversary.


  1. Super happy for all the great things happening for you guys!! Love and miss you:-)

  2. Wow, so excited your place sold so quickly. Also excited you decided to build. Where?

  3. Glad things are moving along and well. Hope this week isn't too stressful for all of you and see you in a few. M