June 02, 2013

I confess.....

I'm feeling protective of our life and dreams.
And want to make my blog completely private.  Like only I can see it and then I would make it more of a journal.
If/when we grow a garden it will have nothing to do with self-reliance.  It's purely taste motivated. 
Muffin tops are sooooo not comfy. 
I would totally crumble and melt down over our current events if I had time. 
I feel elated/guilty that some of my dreams are coming true.
Life has been bringing Jeff and I closer together.  And other days, rips us apart. 
I really wish L and M would be nicer to each other. 
I'm afraid they won't be friends.
I feel like I'm failing them most days. 
I'm over chevron patterns.
My head is going to explode from house decisions.
Took a peek at some blogs I used to frequent. Turns out I haven't missed anything. 
I feel overwhelmed, and irritated, and excited, and tired.
I'm hoping I don't make a fool of myself speaking to 200 girls on Tuesday night.
I hate the second hand smoke blowing through our open windows.  Gag.
I'm counting the days (30) until E is off formula.  That stuff is so expensive and I hate buying it.

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