June 29, 2013

I needed this one today

After getting five rolls of scans back and only posting a fraction of them, I'm feeling a little defeated.  This doesn't really happen to me.  My feelings are magnified by the fact that I thought I shot some of my best work ever.  Ugh. 

Am I regressing, or just getting more picky and discerning? The answer to that questions changes daily. 

I would really like to have full rolls of flawless.  Really.  So frustrated today. 

Why is my timing so off?  I could make excuses like that I'm photographing five year olds and two year olds that don't give a crap about photographs or what I want them to do.  But geez, aren't I used to all that by now?  Anticipating their moves should be second nature. 

My great ideas + mediocre results = disappointment and frustration.

I feel so close to really breaking through.
Trying to tell myself to calm down and trust the process because part of the process is mistakes and "almost there" photographs.


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