June 16, 2013

The good report

1.  Got caught up on editing our family album.
2.  An afternoon at the splash park. 
3.  Our allergy symptoms are finally gone.
4.  E started walking four to five steps at a time. 
5.  Just discovered Ryan Innes will be the headliner in September.  Yeeeeeeeesssss!  Be there.  Or miss out on his raspy goodness. 
6.  Totally inspired by my niece's dance recital.  I love the arts. 
7.  My heart just about jumped out of my chest watching sweet little M's reaction to it all.  That girl was into it.  Signing her up. 
8.  Hiked The Grotto.  Um, awesome.  Perfect for the littles.
9.  A microburst (one of the strangest things I've ever experienced) blew over Jeff's motorcycle like it was nothing.  Luckily, damage is minimal. 
10.  More swimming.
11.  Man of Steel in 3D.  Totally awesome except for the longest fight scene ever.  That got a little boring.  Henry Cavill (not boring)....Holy smokes! 

I want one of the girls.  Real bad.
Can. Not. Wait. 
Chicken gyros.  This recipe will be a repeat for sure.  It's so, so good. Just make it. 
And this beef brisket was good, but even better when added to this chicken wrap.  Not a huge fan of the wrap without the brisket.  It needs the brisket. 

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