June 23, 2013

The good report

1.  The girls are loving swim lessons.
2.  Holy cow, June is giving some mild temps.
3.  Finished the quilt for baby Garrett.
4.  It's really happening.  I have to pinch myself.... Family portraits with Yan (in August).  Eeeeeeee!!!
5.  Jeff is totally loving his Heber route.  He texts me the most beautiful pictures all the time. 
6.  But mostly having a happy husband warms my heart. 
7.  White peaches are back at Costco.  That fruit is unreal good. 
8.  Em introduced me to the first pork chop recipe that does not yield rubber band texture. 
9.  Interior meet-up with the home builder. 
10. And Em watched the girls for us the whole time. 
11.  Lunch at a favorite place.  Just Jeff and I.  And awesome catching up with each other convo. 
12.  Followed by the swimming pool. 
13.  We took Em's kids too.  I think living close to family has some serious perks. 
14.  Seriously flattering compliments from Alisha.  Kind words.  She's my biggest fan. 
15.  I took some killer photos of the girls this week that I'm really excited about. 
16.  Only one hour of church today.  Woohoo! 

The skirt of my dreams.  Pockets!  I'm only sad I missed out on more colors cuz that bright green would have rocked my world. 
For a mere $1800 I could have the colored kitchen sink of my dreams. Dang!  I love it. 
This dress went on sale for E.  Which is good because I've been stalking it for months. 
I think I'll get off facebook again.  Just bored this time.  Not irritated.

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  1. You bet I am! Totally love you and your work. It inspires me.