July 10, 2013

The good report

1.  Had a great time with all our family in town. 
2.  The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  It's just so summery and awesome.
3.  Leaving early from Gayle's party to beat the traffic was a good move to get our exhausted littles home. 
4.  It's so cool to see the girls having so much fun with everyone.
5.  600 glow sticks.  A beautiful sight.
6.  It wasn't as cramped as I expected having Nate and Ash stay with us.
7.  Watching M and Abby play together all the time was heartwarming. 
8.  I love little girls. 
9.  Geocaching.  All four families.  That was an adventure.
10.  Not letting slight fear of caves, tight spaces win.  That's right Em, Renae and I crawled in the cave!
11.  The girls never once seemed nervous or scared on a hike that was bordering on treacherous for littles.  So surprising to me.
12.  All around exhausting, good times.
13.  A full day of photography and friends and light.
14.  Even hung out with John Telford who I haven't seen in like a decade.
15.  Tintypes are fascinating.  All failures, but it really didn't matter. 
15.  Travis is a very generous photographer.  (Not all of them are)
16.  First time on UVU campus after all these years living here. 
17.  Friends introduced me to Cubby's in Provo.  That is goooooood.  And a beautiful space to top it off. 
18.  A found halo.
19.  Friends are way more cooperative being photographed than my children. ;)
20.  Emily watching the girls all day so I could be there for it all.

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