March 16, 2014

"I miss your good reports"

Everyone said it. 
(But mostly this is for my mom)

1.  Taxes.  Done.  The return = giant!  Cha-ching. 
2.  Explored the Natural History Museum last weekend.  
3.  Loved it so much we bought ourselves a membership.
4.  Sunny days this week.
5.  Not sure why, but our check engine light is no longer on.  I'll just go with it. 
6.  I started reading again.  Real books.  It makes me feel smart (haven't felt that in a while) and inspired.
7.  Finished "Quiet".  Oh geez....THE BEST.  I am validated in every way. Are you an introvert too?
     (P. S. Don't engage me in conversation about this book because I will talk your ear off).
8.  Some books change you and your whole world.
9.  I'm whole heartedly in love with our house. 
10.  I miss shooting film, so I pulled out the "real" camera.  Delightful.
11.  Sunday callings rock my world.  Our family needs it.
12.  I'm enjoying my kids more than I don't enjoy my kids.  Progress.
13.  Jeffy is kind, even when he's upset with me. Priceless.
14.  Lizzy is the best thing about our family right now.  Funny, cute, mischievous, tender, huggy, kissy, laughing, goodness. 
15.  And her nasty congestion is clearing. 
16.  I love that our mail comes at 9:30 in the morning.
17.  Helping L through kindergarten troubles.  Feeling super motherly up in here. 
18.  M got glasses and wears them.  Mostly.  (making progress there too).
19.  The mountain views from our front yard.  Foggy ones, sunny ones, snowy ones.  It's all good. 
20.  Finally got around to shooting a test roll on Renae's Canon AE-1.  If everything is working then it's very likely this old school beauty will become my go-to film camera.  Excited! 
21.  Bria's back and babysitting. 
22.  Fresh hair cut!  buh-bye mini mullet.  (short hair problems)
23.  Jeffy hung our new pendant lights.  I'm in love!
24.  This might actually stop Meg from biting her nails.  So far so good. 
25.  I found my missing box of sewing patterns.  Which is great because I want to sew.


  1. Yeah for your good reports. I ponder my good stuff when I read what you post. Sounds like life is going well at a the K household. We had a good time at T and T over the weekend. Saw the migrating cranes, which is an awesome sight--thousands and thousands of them. Love to all. M

  2. I too enjoy reading your good reports. Makes me think more about the good in my life. Hey I've been bugging Jeff, but ha hasn't supplied so I'll start bugging you. Do a house tour video. I'm dying to see it. Love to 2 pics I've seen. Kitchen lights & partial front of house shot.