June 15, 2014

The good report

1.  Megan is putting herself to bed. 
2.  Cousins' dance recital.  I teared up at some of the company performances. 
3.  I love the arts!
4.  A very encouraging talk from a friend. ( I've got problems that overwhelm me). 
5.  Elder Bednar's talk on repeat.  Every morning.  (see above)
6.  Preston and Sophia were at our house almost all day.....and no fighting between cousins!  So rare.  (too many bosses).
7.  Orange crush
8.  Back scratches.
9.  My favorite Jamba Juice, copy cat recipe.  We've been making it for weeks.  Love!

Caribbean Passion Smoothie Recipe (Jamba Juice Classic)
Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion Smoothie Recipe
½ cup frozen peaches
½ cup frozen strawberries
1 cup passion fruit-mango juice
1 cup orange sherbert
1 cup ice

10.  Lizzy is saying more ACTUAL words. 
11.  And letting me rock her to sleep.  I don't mind the snuggle time.
12.  I need "the good reports" right now.
13.  I just love our house.  I mean really. 
14.  The laid back Summer schedule reminds me that I don't miss kindergarten AT ALL.
15.  Strangers telling me they love my hair.
16.  Travel trips from Alisha.  I might be a little over prepared for the drive to the family reunion.
17.  I found purple gingham for Jeffrey to wear for family pics.  and only $10. 
18.  This totally works.  Our shower is sparkling.  It's true that you can just wipe off all the dirt.
19.  Catching up with Holly. 

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  1. I needed this post for multiple reasons. Thank you! I wish I lived down the street from you. Loves-